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Title What is Consultation on Life Crisis?
Posted by KIP Life Crisis (ip:)
  • Date 2022-03-31
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Korea Institute of Psycho-education has developed the Theory of Mimind and the Theory of Xesmind. It is providing diverse programs promoting the pursuit of happiness such as KIP Treatment Programs, Consultation on Life Crisis (overcome life Crises), Consultation on Leader Psychology (Development of Leader Psychology and Management of Life Crisis).


Consultation on Life Crisis guides you to find the root cause and key elements so that you can solve the problem of a life crisis on your own.


Consultation on Life Crisis guides you to find the root cause of a life crisis and solve the problem on your own. It guides you to build the ability to prevent and manage crisis situations in the future and pursue happiness in the right way. 

Differently from KIP Treatment Programs, CLC provides face-to-face consultation. 


Combining KIP Treatment Programs and CLC will significantly expedite the period taken for complete cure of psychological disorder.  


Combination of KIP Treatment Programs and CLC is strongly recommended to people who have advanced condition of psychological disorders such as post traumatic stress, intermittent explosive disorder, and hysteria. Of course, it can expedite the period taken for complete cure. (The time period may vary depending on individual difference and the level of psychological disorders)


It is important not to aggravate your psychological condition.


It takes more time, effort, and expense to combine the two components of KIP Treatment Porgrams and CLC, but it is recommended to people who maximize the effect of treatment and expedite the recovery period. 

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