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Title Those who have doubts on Consultation on Life Crisis
Posted by KIP Life Crisis (ip:)
  • Date 2022-04-19
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1. People who have the conviction that they can solve all the problems

   People who

 1) have achieved success in their field

 2) have professional knowledge in a specific area

 3) are experts on the field of counseling, coaching, psychiatry, psychology, humanities, philosophy, religious studies

 4) have experiences of solving problems in a life crisis situation 

 5) 자have the conviction that they are living a happy life with comfort and pleasure


※ They strongly believe that their own memory (knowledge and experience) is the best and all there is.  They usually refuse to accept the concept of Consultation on Life Crisis.


2. People who have aggravated condition in life crisis situations. 

 1) People who have aggravated condition of life crisis and live a unhappy life. 

  - 10 times more severe than general life crisis

 2) People who live the worst life 

  - 10 times more severe than an unhappy life

 3) People who live a ruined life 

  - 10 times more severe than the worst life (cases of psychosis)


 ※ They already have aggravated condition so they do not think about transferring to  a happy life and they have the conviction that they are living a happy life with comfort and pleasure. 


3. People who trust and follow people described above in 1 and 2. 

 ※ These people may not have their own memory with knowledge and experience, and blindly trust and follow people with knowledge, experience in a conventional sense, and with self-conviction.

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