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Title Conviction that you can overcome life crisis on your own
Posted by KIP Life Crisis (ip:)
  • Date 2022-04-19
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이Some people have the conviction that they can overcome life crisis by solving practical problems with their knowledge and experiences.

Especially people with great knowledge and social success have stronger conviction on their judgment and decision. 


Also, people who are living an unhappy life due to the aggravation of life crisis (10 times more severe than general life crisis), who are living the worst life (10 times more severe than the case of living an unhappy life), who are living a ruined life (10 times more severe than the case of living the worst life, usually with psychosis and completely ruined life) have the conviction that they themselves can solve all the problems.


All the people described above have strong conviction that they have enough knowledge and experience to solve all the problems. They do not try to find the root cause of life crisis and solve problems in adequate ways, but only try to solve practical problems that emerge on the surface. 


these people tend to aggravate their psychological conditions and practical situations at a rapid face when life crisis occurs. Then, they may self-justify that they have done everything possible and available within their ability and begin to damage other people's life. 

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