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Title Consultation & types of difficulties
Posted by KIP Life Crisis (ip:)
  • Date 2022-04-19
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Not necessarily.


In many cases, difficulties in life can be solved by the help of conventional counseling, coaching, psychiatry, humanities, philosophy, and religious studies.  그Experiencing difficulties now and for a long time from the past does not necessarily count as a life crisis. 


The following is the list of people who need Consultation on Life Crisis. 

People who 

cannot solve the problem even when the make efforts for a long time. 

have suicidal ideation or repeat attempting suicide

experience deterioration of problems or new problems keep emerging even when they try hard to solve problems

have been on medication for a long time for psychological issues

fully enjoy life but always feel stuffy and lonely

find that they seem to be inflicting damage on other people

have feeling of doubt on life itself and look for the essence of life

have the conviction that they have a happy life with comfort and pleasure


이People who are in the situations described above can find the root cause of their difficulties, solve psychological and practical problems on their own, build the ability to prevent future life crisis, and restore happiness. 


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