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Title Essential requirements of Consultation on Life Crisis
Posted by KIP Life Crisis (ip:)
  • Date 2022-04-18
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You must meet all of the following requirements to be able to take Consultation on life Crisis. When you take consultation without meeting the requirements, the effect of consultation may not be satisfactory , or your condition may deteriorate further.


1. You must have strong will power for taking Consultation on Life Crisis.

Consultation is effective when you have strong will power for overcoming life crisis and restoring a happy life. 


2. You must be able to afford the expense of the consultation.

It is hard to expect the effect of consultation when you feel too burdened about the expense.

※ The time and expense taken for consultation may be adjusted after discussion with the client. 


3. You must not compare the consultation with other counseling, consultation, or treatment programs. 

Consultation on Life Crisis is quite different from conventional counseling, consultation, or treatment programs. It guides you to find the root cause of life crisis, and solve psychological and practical problems on your own, and prevent life crisis in the future.


When the root cause of life crisis is psychological problems (psychological disorder, severe psychological disorder, post traumatic stress), it is recommended that you take KIP Treatment Program before Consultation on Life Crisis.  


 Homepage of KIP Treatment Center http://www.psychotherapyedu.com/

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