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Title Interpreter available for consultation at a place of the client's choice
Posted by KIP Life Crisis (ip:)
  • Date 2022-04-13
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The consultant speaks Korean for consultation. 

Interpreters are available upon request when the client needs to communicate in Japanese or English. 

The expense you pay before consultation at the place of your choice must include the expense for the interpreter. 

  - Two-way transportation for the interpreter

  - Accommodation for the interpreter



  You may hire your own interpreter who can speak Korean and Japanese or Korean and English.

    1) KIP will not hire an interpreter.  

     2) KIP may not take liability in case consultation cannot be proceeded due to interpretation problems.  

     3) When it is considered that an interpreter should accompany in addition to the one you hire,  the consultant will be accompanied with an interpreter and KIP will pay for the expense.


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