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Title On the burden of expense for consultation
Posted by KIP Life Crisis (ip:)
  • Date 2022-04-13
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It takes expense to take Consultation on Life Crisis in order to solve the root cause of your life crisis and restore a happy life. 


The expense may be determined by the level of the life crisis. 

  1. Approximately 10 % of resources to prevent a life crisis.

  2. Approximately 20 % of resources to overcome a life crisis and restore a happy life 

  3. Approximately 30 % of resources to transform an unhappy life into a happy life  

  4. Approximately 50 % of resources to transform the worst life into a happy life  

  5. Approximately 90 % of resources to transform a ruined life into a happy life


The higher level of life crisis you suffer from, the more resources it takes to restore a happy life. 


When you feel highly burdened with the expense of consultation on life crisis, consultation may not be effective and you  may not be able to transform a life crisis into a happy life even if you want to take Consultation on Life Crisis.


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